The HDB series headbands comprise an elastic headband fitted with a bone conduction microphone and a speaker. Providing high quality speech communications, they are ideal for tactical use or for use in fully encapsulated protective suits.

The HDB-2 has a conventional earpiece receiver mounted on the headband. It uses an acoustic tube and non-intrusive skeleton earpiece from the receiver to the ear, allowing the user to monitor incoming messages while having unobstructed hearing.

The HDB-3 uses a waterproof speaker mounted on a short flexible gooseneck, allowing the user to adjust the position of the speaker to suit his requirements.

The HDB-4 has a socket for the speaker connection, allowing the user to connect a gooseneck mounted speaker, a bone conduction speaker, or to connect to a number of other accessories such as a set of hearing protectors with inbuilt speakers.

The HDB-5 has a bone conduction speaker mounted inside the headband.

A number of other headband configurations are available for direct connection to specific radios. Please contact us with your requirements.

Rear view showing
microphone location


HDB-4 showing
removable speaker





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